Dresdens Science Night

What is the the city of Dresden doing on June 15 2018 between 6pm and 1am? The answer is simple:


Between 8pm and 1am everyone is researching!


Throughout the whole Dresden area - from Pillnitz to Trachau, from Klotzsche to Südhöhe -, scientific institutes will open their doors for the interested audience of the 16th DRESDEN SCIENCE NIGHT. More than 2,000 scientists are ready for Q&A, they will give presentations, guide through labs, do experiments, show movies and many other activities.


The popular science event is a real highlight in Dresden's event calender. In 700 program items, everyone can meet science interactively: taking part, experimenting, testing, examining, and gaining scientific insights - the lust for knowledge will lead to amazed eyes.


Children, adolescents, young families, and grandparents are warmly invited to visit the DRESDEN SCIENCE NIGHT. More than 250 items of the agenda can be discovered by all ages as they allow a playful approach to scientific topics.


The Dresden Science Night 2017 - A night creating knowledge!


Welcome to Dresden's 15th Science night! Dresden's science and research scene is as amazingly diverse as the city itself. According to the motto "a night creating knowledge" universities, instituts, labs, and research institutions open their doors on Friday, June 16th 2017 and show how research works backstage.


All residents and visitors of Dresden and the researchers of tomorrow are invited. All ages, rookies and pros will find a suitable program out of lots of events on this day. 


The network "Dresden Science City", its members and partners and the City of Dresden are happy to welcome you at Dresdens most intelligent evening event.


Through the night in awe! - the Science Night 2016


Trying superconducting magnetic levitation systems, walking over water, jumping on a trampoline made of glass. Carbon concrete, 3D printer, smart materials, shellac records. "what holds the universe together at its innermost folds." - Goethes Dr. Faust would have been happy to visit Dresden on June 2016. 


Of course, the Researchers’ Night has a lot in store for children, as well. You can visit many of the events with your children and grandchildren. There will be face-painting for the youngest and a “cryptology street” for the older children. And all children will be surprised to learn how to look into sealed Kinder Egg. Let us answer your most urgent questions on the event here.

What is the Science Night all about?

On Science Night, Dresden’s universities, science institutions, and science-linked companies will open their doors, their labs, auditoriums, and archives for the general public. Visitor can experience technology, science and innovation, arts and culture in multifaceted presentations, experiments, guided tours, exhibitions, and films.

Who is invited?

Everyone! Dresden citizens and guests, children and adults. Many events offer a family friendly program including face-painting, story-telling and experiments especially for children. Events that are suitable for international guests are marked accordingly.

When exactly is Science Night?

The 16th Dresden Science Night will take place on June 15th 2018 between 6 p.m. and 1 a.m. This year’s motto is “Between 8pm an 1am everyone researches!”

Are there any costs?

None. The participation in all events is completely free of charge. 

Who’s behind it?

The Dresden Science Night is a partner project realized by the network “Dresden – Science City”, Dresden universities, science institutions, and businesses and supported by the city of Dresden. You can contact the project office here.