Chemistry Lab of the Future - Robotics in Chemistry
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Chemistry Lab of the Future - Robotics in Chemistry

Come and see a first prototype of the chemistry laboratory of the future, a robotic chemist. Just program what you want it to make for you and see it done. Just like a barman making you a cocktail. And the best part: You can try it all by yourself, all is made out of Lego.
Start 17:00 o'clock
End 23:00 o'clock

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Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)
Graduiertenkolleg Planare Kohlenstoffgitter
Neubau Chemie/Hydrowissenschaften
Bergstraße 66
01069 Dresden (Dresdner Süden)
Miroslav Polozij,


Robots have been the last great revolution in industry, but so far they have been too stupid to help in science. With the new boom in AI and machine learning, finally the revolution comes to science. Robots are going to be great helpers in chemistry, because who would not want to just program a reaction in computer, "Click!", and the robot does all the tedious or even dangerous work for you. Just like a barman making a coctail. Come, see and touch first steps in laboratory of the future - a Lego prototype.

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