Fish as model organisms of development
Physically Natural Sciences

Fish as model organisms of development

Presentation of fish as model systems in biology
Start 18:00 o'clock
End 23:00 o'clock

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Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)
Fakultät Biologie
Fakultät Biologie
EG, Praktikums-Raum E46
Zellescher Weg 20b
01217 Dresden (Dresdner Süden)
Dr. Froschauer, Dr. Pfennig, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter


Microscopic observation of vertebrate development in live fish embryos from early egg to hatch. Fluorescent proteins make cells and organs visible. Presentation also on posters with a focus on the differences between the sexes, opportunity for discussion. Suitable from 10 years.

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Presentation Participate and do it yourself Suitable for children


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