Lecture for kids: The Superpowers of Axolotl and Zebrafish
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Lecture for kids: The Superpowers of Axolotl and Zebrafish

The superpowers of axolotl and zebrafish: What can we learn from their self-healing mechanisms?
In this lecture directed at kids, Dr. Judith Konantz will talk about the regenerative abilities of axolotl and zebrafish.
Note: the lecture will be held in German.
Start 18:30 o'clock
End 19:00 o'clock

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Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)
Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering (CMCB)
CRTD Zentrum für Regenerative Therapien TU Dresden
Hörsaal Rechts
Fetscherstraße 105
01307 Dresden (Dresdner Süden)
Dr. Judith Konantz, Molekularbiologin
30 Min
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The human body is truly amazing! We can see, smell, hear, walk, think, and taste. Plus, we have the ability to heal small cuts and bruises all by ourselves, like when we scrape our knee. However, when it comes to bigger injuries, we need help from doctors. They can work wonders, but if a finger gets completely cut off, it can only be saved if it's sewn back on quickly. It's even harder with a whole arm! Our bodies can't naturally regrow a whole finger or arm on their own. That's where the axolotl and zebrafish come in. Dr. Judith Konantz, a biologist, will explain how these amazing creatures are connected to our ability (or inability) to regrow body parts.

Note: The lecture will be held in German.

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