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Dresden Science Night

Rise and shine, show a leg! Get out of your bed - stop pillow fights and do science instead!

On June 14th the Dresden Science Night took place for the 17th time. Between 6pm and 1 am lots of researching institutes and universities opened their doors for curious science enthusiasts. 


More than 2.500 researchers showed exclusive insights, recent research results and invited you to do science together: experiments, lectures, guided tours, movies, and many other activities. 



What is the Science Night all about?

At Science Night, Dresden’s universities, scienctific institutions, and science-linked companies will open their doors, labs, auditoriums, and archives for the general public. Visitors can experience technology, science and innovation, arts and culture in multifaceted presentations, experiments, guided tours, exhibitions, and films.


Who is invited?

Everyone! Dresden citizens and guests, children and adults. Many events offer a family friendly program including face-painting, story-telling and experiments especially for children. Events that are suitable for international guests are marked accordingly.


When exactly is the next Science Night?

The 18th Dresden Science Night will take place on July 9th 2021. 


Are there any costs?

No. The participation in all events is completely free of charge. 


Who’s behind it?

The Dresden Science Night is a partner project realized by the network “Dresden – Scienctific City”, Dresden universities, science institutions, and businesses and supported by the city of Dresden. You can contact the project office here.