Agricultural technology to touch
Physically Engineering

Agricultural technology to touch

Test stands of the Professorship for Agricultural Systems Engineering, driving with tractors for young and old. barbecue and drinks stand
Start 17:00 o'clock
End 23:00 o'clock

At a glance

Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)
Fakultät Maschinenwesen, Institut für Naturstofftechnik, Professur für Agrarsystemtechnik
ZINT-Zentrum für Integrierte Naturstoff-Technik
Bergstraße 120
01069 Dresden (Dresdner Süden)
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Test stands of the professorship for agricultural system technology, driving with agricultural machines for young and old, counter and grill stand

Information on the event format

Presentation Exhibition Participate and do it yourself Suitable for children



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