Colouring Dresden in COSMO
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Colouring Dresden in COSMO

How old are the buildings in Dresden? What materials were they mainly made of? And how well prepared are they to cope with extreme events such as heavy rain, floods or heat? In the exhibition for sustainability at COSMO, we show how an open map platform addresses these issues and how you can participate.
Start 17:00 o'clock
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COSMO Wissenschaftsforum
COSMO Wissenschaftsforum
Schloßstraße 2
01067 Dresden (Dresdner Altstadt)
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We gather knowledge about the state of renovation, flood resilience and heat adaptation of buildings, learn how this knowledge can support building culture and climate-friendly architecture, and learn why citizen science and open data simply fit together. On a big screen you can try Colouring Dresden. There we will show you how we collect knowledge about buildings in the context of Citizen Science and thus fill a colorful map.

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