Get the juice out of the sun
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Get the juice out of the sun

Make your very own solar cells from berry juice and dark-green leaves! The coloring agents contained within (anthocyanin and chlorophyll, respectively) are used for the fabrication of functional cells. The coloring agents belong to a class of materials called organic semiconductors. Charge carriers are generated upon irradiation of the materials in solar cells. Therefore, an electrical current can be generated from light and easy-to-make solar cells can be realized.
Start 17:00 o'clock
End 23:30 o'clock

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Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung IPF
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The Functional Electronic Materials (FEM) group under Dr. Franziska Lissel works, among other things, on the synthesis of Organic Semiconductors. During the long night of Science, the coloring agents found in berry juice (anthocyanin) and leaves extract (chlorophyll) are used for fabrication of functional solar cells. These two substances belong to the class of “organic semiconductors”. Although they are not as conductive as metal, they can be conductive under certain circumstances. In case of solar cells, electrons (negative) and hole (positive) pairs are generated upon irradiation, therefore generating electrical current from light. Fabricating your very own easy-to-make solar cells is possible by combining the coloring agents with suitable electrodes.

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