Getting there safely
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Getting there safely

PAPS-XR and FAPS – the future of accident prevention

Flashing lights and sirens – an accident has happened! How is it possible to prevent this?
With us, you can discover critical traffic situations from different perspectives – digital media will demonstrate some of the most typical dangerous constellations in road traffic to both young and old.
Start 17:00 o'clock
End 00:00 o'clock

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Fraunhofer-Institut für Verkehrs- und Infrastruktursysteme IVI
Verkehrssicherheit und Fahrzeugautomatisierung
Fraunhofer-Institut für Verkehrs- und Infrastruktursysteme IVI
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Experience the future of accident prevention!

The two research projects called FAPS and PAPS-XR draw on Virtual Reality technology to increase the traffic safety of children and teenagers. For this purpose, road traffic accidents are simulated in a 3D environment. Subsequently it is possible to experience real accident scenarios firsthand and assume the perspectives of all parties involved in road traffic via VR glasses and a tablet. This way, children, teenagers, and adults as well can improve their awareness of critical situations in traffic and adapt their behavior accordingly.

We are looking forward to presenting to you this fascinating technology for increasing traffic safety in a playful way!

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