Growth of thin layers
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Growth of thin layers

How thin is actually thin? 1, 2, 3, or 10 atomic layers?

The smartphone in your pocket...
The properties of materials often depend on whether they are present as powders or as single crystals, or whether they are built up of only a few atomic layers.
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A functioning vacuum system for the thin-film deposition of gold (so-called molecular of gold (so-called molecular beam epitaxy). This system was built from exactly the same parts as we use them in our laboratory.
This type of equipment is used to produce the purest thin layers of material of the highest quality, such as those material layers of the highest quality, such as those found in today's cell phones. We use thin-film deposition for research into new types of research into new types of material systems, which are usually only a few atomic layers thick or which cannot be produced in any other way.

During the Long Night of Sciences, anyone can use a model of an MBE system to deposit "thin films".

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