Do IT yourself: Get to know exciting IT-Projects!
Physically Computer Science / Digital

Do IT yourself: Get to know exciting IT-Projects!

Dive with us into the world of IT! Get to know our 3D printer, AI platforms, robots or programming courses for children. The latest technologies are waiting for you!
Start 17:00 o'clock
End 00:00 o'clock

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SachsenEnergie AG
Hörsaalzentrum TUD
Bergstraße 64
01069 Dresden (Dresdner Süden)
Christin, Jasmin, Erik, Timo, Kevin, Christian & Justus, #TeamSachsenEnergie
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Come and discover the fun of programming and the great possibilities of modern technologies! Meet us in room E03 of the Hörsaalzentrum and get to know the fascinating world of Scratch and Microbit and use the opportunity to develop your own little games on provided laptops.

In the room you will meet our enthusiastic IT specialists from the Hacker School, NTT Data Business Solutions, SQL Projekt AG, Sandstorm Media and of course us, SachsenEnergie. If you have any questions about career opportunities, there are also specialists on site. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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